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We offer stunning, conservation standard original art , hand painted by Sally Phillips Buffington. Sally has painted such notables as General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Henry Cisneros, Mayor Nelson Wolf of San Antonio, Texas and many others. Her original art is in private collections across the country and in South Africa. Sally has just completed a life size oil on Belgian Linen of the Honorable Keith Starrett, Mississippi Federal Judge, to be hung in the capital state courthouse in Jackson, Mississippi..

Sally works from photographs and requires a free and clear copyright in the event the photograph is from a professional photographer. These paintings are technically accurate representations of you, a member of your family, your horse, dog or cat. The subjects seem to come alive with her mastery of color reflecting the true anatomy behind the subject.

Enter our site and browse the Gallery in the 'Gallery 'section. Paintings are completed in order of the deposit being received. A fifty percent non refundable deposit is required. All originals come with a Certificate of Authenticity and an insurance proof of value.

Sally also has a line of Limited Edition lithographs and two Open editions that are also in private collections across the country and in Europe and South Africa.

The famed 'Orange Beach' , Alabama series has been in Southern Living Magazine and Coastal Living Magazine. There are only two originals remaining of the original five. One original sold for $8000.00 within the first twenty minutes of the official unveiling.

Sally has had numerous One Woman Shows and has been featured on television stations from Mobile, Alabama ; Atlanta, Georgia; Birmingham, Alabama; Jackson, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee.

She signs each original with a chop that was made for her in China. Above she signs her name in Kanji and her original signature appears underneath. Just to the right will always be a palm branch to signify her appreciation of the Gift she feels she has been given from the Lord.

Sally is also a Certified Instructor with the United States Eventing Association . She competes and trains at the Intermediate Level with her long time team mate Absolut IV. He is a thoroughbred she bought as an unbroken two year old and trained all the way up through the levels. More about her riding can be seen on her other website Http:// .

A new and exciting opportunity is now available for Sally Phillips Buffington collectors! Her images are now available in an international 'Print On Demand' website. Collectors can browse through her award winning paintings which include wildlife, equestrian sporting art, pets and beautiful beach scenes. Please take a moment and enjoy looking through the amazing opportunities.    

These make wonderful gifts as well as an affordable method of collecting her award winning work!

If you are a classical art aficionado you must see her work in person. It will take your breath away!

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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