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Our very exciting, new International Polo Series is well under way!


Oil on Canvas

30" X 40"

$8000.00 SOLD !!! Congratulations to Nicole Fleck Collins!

The second United States original is now complete as well!

Here, to the left, is the first large completed painting .

As you scroll down you can see the development of the painting plus close up detail of the large original!  

The second original painting of a US player is also large and is featured here to the left.

Oil on Canvas

36 " X 36"


Three countries so far are represented. Zambia, New Zealand and the United

States of America. 

The stirrup iron glistens in the sun and the soft muzzle of the horse is evident against the beautiful background.

The shadow of the horse, 'Number 8', is shown on Steve's shirt. So cool !

Even the soft hairs of Number 8's muzzle are shown.

The dirt is kicked up through the turf as the energy explodes in this painting!

Movement is everywhere and the pounding of the hooves show the energy and power.


The detail in the watch is amazing.

Below are images of the large oil painting in progress of Mr. Stephen Stana of the United States in the beginning stages. He owns the Carrollton Polo Club in the state of Georgia.Steve is riding his favorite horse. An Argentinian thoroughbred by the name of 'Number 8". I treasure a personal note from Steve that said. 'Number 8 was an amazing horse. I always saved him for the last chukka because he was the best. You have brought him to life as only you can. Thank you, Sally'. So profound and so much appreciated.

This painting is riveting! The colors are gorgeous and the composition is perfect! The logo from Longhorn Steakhouse is on, the polo pants base is on, Steve's watch and glove are blocked in.

In progress in reverse beginning with where the painting is as of

now back to the original photograph from which I am working...

Oil on Premium Canvas

30 X 40 inches

Earlier shot: 

Just as the face, the shirt and the horse's shadow are painted in. No logo on Steve's shirt yet, it had to cure.

Blocking in the rear of the horse.

I am left handed so I work right to left.

The freshness of the image is so cool. Movement, color and composition coming together in a powerful way!

A closer view of the second American polo original. The colors are gorgeous!

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