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These prints are top quality four color lithographs and reflect each stroke accurately. The colors are a direct replica of the prize winning originals. The images here are purposefully reproduced in less pixels to prevent theft.

Taxes for Georgia residents apply. Shipping and handling via UPS is $20.00 per mailing.

There were five hundred images of each painting in the Limited edition series. There are 400 Limited Editions, 50 Artists Proofs, and 50 Remarques. The Artists Proofs are hand pickled by the artist to proof the edition. The Remarques each have a hand painted touch on top of the pint in the form of her well known signature in gold. Many prints have been sold so low numbers are not always available.

original (16).jpg

'The Promise'  

18 by 24 inches

$50.00 /Limited Edition


$75.00 Artist Proof


$100.00 Limited Edition.

Original $7800.00 / 39" X 50" framed / SOLD !!!

Private Collection of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kuebler.

The famed 'Orange Beach Series' has won the hearts of collectors across the United States, South Africa and Europe.This series consists of five different award winning originals.

The back drop is a gorgeous home on Romar Beach. The children were playing together, some in dress up clothes. Each print comes signed and with a Certificate that tells the story behind the image. There are five hundred prints in each Limited Edition.These prints have been in Southern Living Magazine as well as Coastal Living Magazine.

The original of 'The 'Promise' sold within thirty minutes for $8000.00.

'Pea's Porridge Hot' is a treasured print with an adorable story. It has always been a favorite of collectors.

Other prints, all based on award winning originals, vary in size , shape and subject manner. They share one thing in common...they are all loved by the public.

Come on in and enjoy...!

original (17).jpg

'Perusing The Beach After Dinner'  

(18 by 24 inches) /


$ 50.00 Limited Edition


$75.00 Artists



$100.00 Remarques 

These original paintings are all in European pastel over a black museum board. The bold impressionistic technique uses expert use of color to deliver a powerful image!

Original 41 " X 52"

$5000.00 SOLD!!!

Private Collection Mr. and Mrs. William Canavan

San Antonio, Texas

original (18).jpg

"The Shell Seekers"

18by 24 inches


Limited Edition $50.00


Artists Proofs $75.00


Remarques $100.00.

The beautiful clouds in this background were actually taken from a picture I took while we were deep sea fishing off the coast of Louisiana. The colors are gorgeous. The girls are eagerly searching for shells. These prints reflect treasured memories we all share of family time at the beach.

Original $5500.00 framed

original (19).jpg

'Dolphins !!!' 

18 by 24 inches

Price :



Artists Proofs $75.00

Remarques $100.00 .

This painting is the last in the series. The beautiful home that actually exists offers a stunning backdrop. The younger children have grown tired of the photo shoot and run back to the house. Their dresses in hand!

The unveiling of the original was a momentous occasion in which the Governor of Mississippi sent gifts from the state. 

Original 38" X 48" framed

Price 8800.00

'Fran and Margaret'  

11 by 14 inches) $25.00

Original $200.00 framed.

This was the original study for the series. It is blended in the technique using my little finger. I decided to use individual strokes in an impressionistic style as a departure from the technique I use in my portraits. It was liberating , but required mastery of color!

original (20).jpg
original (21).jpg

'Their First Meeting'

11" X 14"


$50.00 Limited Edition


$75.00 Artists Proofs


$100.00 Remarques 

This is my daughter, Leslie, seeing our brand new foal for the first time. He had just stood up for the first time. I ran and got her out of bed and caught this magical moment as she holds her nightgown and steps into the early morning sun. The foal is looking at her as his mother gently

steadies him. What a treasure!

original (22).jpg

'Hill Country Buck'


Limited Edition

16" X 20 "  

$85.00 Artist Proof



The frosty breath of this buck is beautiful as it permeates the softly falling snow. The colors in this print are stunning. His fur is frosted with snow and the soft hairs of his under belly exude warmth.

original (23).jpg

'Mallards Over Gold'

18 X 24 " $100.00 Limited Edition


$125.00 Artists Proofs


$150.00 Remarques .


Original 20 ' X 24' framed $5500.00

This was the People's Choice for the Ducks Unlimited show. It has every feather carefully rendered in a beautiful acrylic painting over gold. Parts of the painting were lifted off to show the gold. The original was hand flown to Ohio for printing ensuring the colors were spot on.

original (24).jpg

'Matching Gowns'


18' X 24'

$50.00Limited Edition

$75.00 Artists Proofs

$85.00 Remarques .

Christmas Eve and a Grandmother sews a matching nightgown with a young girl and her American girls Collection Samantha doll. Her Bernina sewing machine in the background. One of the Remarques of this beautiful print hangs in the board room of The American Girls Collection headquarters.

Original NFS

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